Screenshot from Cevian Raspberry by Vantage

Open Education Day 2021: Proceedings

The Open Education Day took place on April, 24th (see our announcement). At the Open Education Day as created and presented by CH Open and PHBern you were able get access to know how and experience for working as a teacher in Switzerland and under the “Lehrplan 21”.

In their workshop “Spielerisch-experimentell 2D-Grafikprogrammierung und -Animation kennenlernen” (Introduction to 2d graphics programming and animation with a playful and experimental approach) Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur members Jörg Berkel und Oleg Lavrovsky introduce a toolset of pre made code snippets and code examples that can be used to create individual animations and art on screen.

Thanks to the Pädagogischen Hochschule PHBern the whole presentation is now viewable online (German only). Thank you very much, Jörg and Oleg for this excellent work and outreach effort!