Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur

Welcome to Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur. We are a non profit association supporting all things demoscene in Switzerland. The demoscene is a digital culture and community creating digital arts often represented by computer generated animations running in realtime (hence the name Echtzeit, which is German for realtime). Our association organizes festivals (so called demoparties) and meetups and runs channels for communication and collaboration. We team up with similar organization from all over the world.

We are the organization behind traditional demoscene events like Buenzli – Swiss Demoscene Festival or Demodays and Demonights. In 2021 we launched MountainBytes, an all new Swiss demoparty.

More about us

Demosceners at Demodays 2013

Swiss Demoscene Survey

As we move forward with the Demoscene – The Art of Coding initiative, we would like to ask you to take our 2-minute survey, and help us spreading it far and wide. No catches, no hidden data collection, just trying to find out how many… Read more

Open Education Day 2021

At the Open Education Day as created and presented by CH Open and PHBern you’ll get access to know how and experience if you’re working as a teacher in Switzerland and under the “Lehrplan 21”. With presentations, workshops and lightning talks about open source technologies,… Read more

Proceedings 2020

The Introduction for this year’s Proceedings Report probably sounds like many other associations: 2020 was greatly influenced by the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all, this was not the only defining momentum for the year: after a number of rather quiet years for the association and… Read more


Be sure not to miss Transmission64 – the C64 online demo party organized by Padua & friends. The event will take place on April 24th 2021, online at Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur supports the party and encourages you to contribute or at least watch… Read more

Meteoriks 2021

The Meteoriks ( are “the demoscene’s Oscars”, and successor to the Awards. For the 7th time, productions from the past year are being nominiated for different categories by a jury. The award show traditionally takes place during Revision Demoparty, and the winners are being announced and… Read more