Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur

Welcome to Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur. We are a non profit association supporting all things demoscene in Switzerland. The demoscene is a digital culture and community creating digital arts often represented by computer generated animations running in realtime (hence the name Echtzeit, which is German for realtime). Our association organizes festivals (so called demoparties) and meetups and runs channels for communication and collaboration. We team up with similar organization from all over the world.

We are the organization behind traditional demoscene events like Buenzli – Swiss Demoscene Festival or Demodays and Demonights. In 2021 we launched MountainBytes, an all new Swiss demoparty.

More about us

Musée Bolo Header

Museum Night at Musée Bolo

On 23 September 2023, the “Nuit des Musées” (Museum Night) will take place in Lausanne. The Musée Bolo will host a demo show from 6pm to 10pm: Fred vous montre comment les geeks ont exprimé leur côté artistique des années 80 à aujourd’hu / Fred… Read more

ICE: From Underground to UNESCO Heritage

On Thursday 15 June after 6pm, Andre Kudra will give a presentation at the ICE Conference entitled “Demoscene: From Underground Digital Culture to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” including a live Q&A. Andre is a long-time and active member of Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur. The ICE… Read more

People of Demonights 016

Demonights 016: Review & Playlists

Demonights 016 took place on November 26, 2022 at Kinemathek Lichtspiel – quite possibly the most beautiful and nerdy location you can rent in Bern. Movie projectors, plenty of movie references, a great bar and comfy seat. Good sound, the lovely Gong and an adequate… Read more