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Our Graffathon is an open event for people of all ages and with no previous knowledge, to learn how to create demos or build on their skills. We are focussing on graphics generation, but a Graffathon is an open event for people of all ages with an interest in multimedia and visual effects (VFX). No special knowledge is required! We will learn how to create short ‘demos’, building our skills to explore the exciting field of procedural generation together.

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Echtzeit Graffathon 2022: 20 – 21 August 2022

The 2-day hackathon is an instructor-led workshop, with helpful presentations, an introduction to the demoscene, and some topics in art, music and sound design. Our goal is to learn together, help each other, and to collaborate. Each participant works on their individual or group-projects during the allocated time.

We shall close the event with a showcase of all results, to give our participants recognition, and to ensure the productions are acknowledged and preserved for future reference.


  • A donation to support our non-profit association is also welcome (Echtzeit)
  • Pre-event meetings are taking place online to get to know each other and answer questions: details here (Framadate)

Further information can be found on our challenge platform at

Since 2013, Graffathons take place in the Finnish Aalto University (visit for more information)