The Association


Echtzeit is a charitable association according to Art. 83g StG (Berne), with the primary goal of facilitating and supporting the Demoscene in Switzerland. As is the nature of our subculture, we are also collaborating with other associations and activist groups across Europe and the world.

Echtzeit grew out of the event organization team of «Buenzli», the demoparty series that took place in Switzerland, starting in the mid 1990s. Later, the event transformed and rebranded as «Demodays» and extended its focus on growth and outreach for our artform. Many artists and programmers alike found their primary hobby in the scene, along with long lasting, pan-European friendships and a place for their creativity.

We also established the Demonights series, in which we host demoshows, seminars and a socializing platform for the Swiss demoscene up to four times a year.

After a break of almost 10 years from organizing major demoparties, we are excited to continue the tradition in 2023 with «MountainBytes», taking place annually in Cham, ZG, in February.

Check out our activity reports and news section for more information and further projects.