Pingala and Generative Creation and Design in School Curricula

Pingala is our project to build a platform for pupils and teenagers, to learn how to creatively use digital technologies. For that, Pingala provides guidance, workshops and support for building school clubs or intra-curriculum project weeks.

We want to convey the concepts of programming, design and animation through the principles of procedural creation, and motivate to experiment in a playful, creative environment.

Echtzeit introduces participants based on their individual development further to tools and communities of the Demoscene, and facilitates their first steps and exchange with the Swiss-wide as well as international community.

We particularly base this curriculum on, a powerful platform to create visual programs. The tool has its roots in the Demoscene, and is widely accepted and liked due to its helpful community and intuitive interface design.

Further we are building on a curriculum aimed at school classes and teachers, an introduction to Procedural Creation. This includes the opportunity to make first practical experiences and experiments in P5.js, and will build on pupils’ experiences in Scratch or Logo.

For teenagers of the secondary grade I and II we are also offering an introduction to Javascript, a programming language in high demand in the world of employment. Our aim is to pave the way for those that are interested in a further education or career in this direction, but will of course primarily facilitate contact to our international community, the Demoscene, to enable new projects.

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