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MountainBytes 2024

The biggest Swiss Demoparty sees its next edition!

After rebooting the Swiss demoparty series, descending from Buenzli and Demodays, we are organising MountainBytes again this year! From February 16th – 18th, we bring you competitions, live events, a workshop and roundtables to learn how to make demos and an opportunity to meet old and new friends alike!

Tickets and more Information available on!

We have great events lined up for you

  • Competitions: OHP, Grafik, Musik, Oldschool Realtime, PC Realtime
  • Live Concert: CoLD StoRAGE aka. Tim Wright
  • Nomination Reveal Gala The Meteoriks 2024
  • Demomaking Workshop für Newcomers
  • Premiere of BBS Index’ Documentation about the German-speaking Demoscene

This year, we party and invite you with the spirit of Heavy Metal!

Watch the fantastic Amiga AGA invitation “Halle-MOO-jah” by AttentionWhore: