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MountainBytes 2023 – Swiss Demoparty Revival

After a six-year hiatus and a three-year phase of involuntary delays due to Covid, Switzerland finally has its demoparty back! Invoking the old Buenzli spirit, and reviving the Swiss demoscene, MountainBytes is taking place from February 24th to 26th in Cham, Switzerland.

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And we have laid out a great program for you!

The Meteoriks – Official Nomination Announcements

Join Dojoe and Shana when they reveal the nominees of the 2023 Meteoriks Nominees live on stage.

Followed up by a demoshow, showing you all the nominees in full length!

Saturday is Competition Day

We open the competition Saturday with the famous OHP Compo (yes, you heard right, the good old heavy machines your teacher always asked for “two strong boys” to help them with!), followed by a combined Graphics and Music Compo, to then lead into the evening with Oldschool / Alternative Demo and PC Demo.

Live on Stage: Cyanide Dansen feat. Flopine

Gracing us from France, those two hardly need an introduction: Cyanide Dansen is a fantastic and well-known Chiptune artist, heating up audiences across Europe and the world. And whom better to join this powerhouse for visuals than Flopine, prolific for her impressive shader art. We are looking forward to their show, and are sure to heat up the dancefloor with you!

Demolab Workshop with Special Prices

New to the demoscene, or been around a while but never got around to learn how to make a demo? At MountainBytes, we’ll have two dedicated mentors introducing you to our world, and answer all your questions. Additionally, they will work with you with Processing/p5js and Cables to create your first real-time scene. With a special honour and prices on Sunday during the prizegiving ceremony!

Come celebrate with us!

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