ICE: From Underground to UNESCO Heritage

On Thursday 15 June after 6pm, Andre Kudra will give a presentation at the ICE Conference entitled “Demoscene: From Underground Digital Culture to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” including a live Q&A. Andre is a long-time and active member of Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur.

The ICE conference is hosted by Matthias Buehler and Thomas Gronert. Both are important members of the VFX, film production and animation industry. ICE stands for Inspiration, Creativity and Emotion. The online conference will take place for the third time on 15 and 16 June 2023.

All information, schedule and registration link (free) at

Update 20 June 2023: Proceedings at, direct link to the presentation about the demoscene:

Andre Kudra at the 2023 ICE Conference