Echtzeit at the Winterkongress of Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz

Winterkongress of Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz (Digital Society Switzerland)

We are happy to be part of this year’s Winterkongress from Digitalen Gesellschaft Schweiz!

Already for the fifth time Swiss internet activists, politicians and security experts meet and exchange on the matters of information technology, digitalisation and the impact on society, and give insights into their projects during talks. The congress will be held online again, the talks are in German.

And we are there as well – on February 26th, 7pm Shana and Psykon will hold the talk “Die Demoszene – Programmieren als Weltkulturerbe” (The Demoscene – Programming as World Cultural Heritage; Talk will be German only), introduce the audience to the demoscene, give insight into our traditions, tools and community, and present a few demos and intros illustrating them.

We are also excited to hold a PC Demo and Intro show for two hours in Saturday’s evening program, answer questions from our talk and the productions shown, and hopefully provide great entertainment after the rather serious presentations on digital culture of the day!

More information about the online Winterkongress: (regular tickets at CHF 30.-).

Die Demoszene – Programmieren als Weltkulturerbe, Saturday, 26.02.2022, 19:00

Demo-Show by Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur, Saturday, 26.02.2022, 20:15