Echtzeit Graffathon 2022

Building on our unique “One-Effect-Compos” and Demonights, Echtzeit invites you to the first hackathon weekend: on August 20 and 21, the Graffathon event for newcomers and experienced people will take place in the Erupt Lounge at the main station of Bern.

Regardless of previous knowledge in procedural generation, basic skills in it can be learned with simple programming tools such as Processing or Cables. Through mutual support, the aim is to be able to present an individual, first demo prototype or a joint group work on Sunday.

  • A donation to support our non-profit association is also welcome (Echtzeit)
  • Pre-event meetings are taking place online to get to know each other and answer questions: details here (Framadate)

Since 2013, Graffathons take place in the Finnish Aalto University (visit for more information)