Annual Proceedings Report 2021, General Assembly and Projects for 2022

Our Proceedings Report 2021

For the first time, our proceedings report is available in both German and English, to give better insight to our international donors and supporters. We have been busy! In our report, you learn about the events, cooperations, talks and everything else we did in 2021, as well as our revenues and expenses. Download proceedings from the downloads section at our association’s overview site.

Our Plans for 2022 are also nailed down!

The following projects have been budgeted and approved by the general assembly:

  • Outreach: We actively work and support projects like ZINE: The Radio Show, The Meteoriks Awards, Social Media Outreach for ourselves and other European demoscene associations, talks at congresses
  • Events: We start 2022 with the official Revision Satellite Event during Easter! Get your tickets now at Further, we’re looking forward to finally seeing you again at Demonights, and to the closer collaboration with PlayBen festival as a co-producer.
  • Education: Our workshop group “Pingala” has built great content based on (for generative design) and KOMA field kits (for sound design), and is looking forward to hosting workshops with schools this year. Also, the Graffathon is planned to take place this spring, at the Erupt Lounge in Bern.
  • Administration: Taxes, Post, Admin fees and websites of course also want to be paid on time…!

Become a member!

The membership fee remains 35 CHF for existing members, and 100 CHF for new members, and grants free admission to the next MountainBytes Demoparty, planned in February 24th – 26th. For active participation in any of our projects, the membership fee can be waived. For low-income members, we are able to give a 50% discount upon request.

Become a member

No time to get active? We are also very grateful for your donations!

You can donate via our RaiseNow-Portal, or via the TWINT-QR code at our website! All donations in 2022 can be claimed in your tax returns according to your cantonal tax law.

Benefits will only go towards the demoscene, association members do not receive compensation for their work, and work exclusively charitable.