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Demoscene at DA-Z 2021

DA-Z is the digital arts festival of Zurich. During five days (October 27th to 31st 2021) the festival comes with a great programme of art, experiences, music and talks. See schedule.

You always wanted to show your friends, family and others what this “Demoscene” is about? We are extremely excited to finally bring you and everyone interested a new opportunity to do so, in a never-seen-before presentation!

Together with the shader coders of Cookie Collective (FR), SceneSat (SE), Ronny Pries (DE – Farbrausch, Holen, Still) we have created a spectacle for both demosceners as well as anyone curious about watching or maybe even creating digital realtime art.

Shader & Demo Gallery: Immerse yourself and wander right in the middle of a demoshow of the best productions of the past 15 years. We will flood the walls of the Labor5 with demos and intros, as well as shaders (including their code, of course!) curated by the Cookie Collective. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

DJ Set “Soundtracks of the Scene” (DJ: ronny^farbrausch^still^holon): You always wanted to dance to your favourite demo-soundtracks, while the room is immersed in the visuals of their respective productions? Live-mixed by a DJ? SceneSat curates an audio-exhibition for your ears – and feet! (Wednesday)

In our Pingala-Workshops for school classes, psykon^mercury will introduce school classes to the principles of procedural design and invites attendees to get hands-on with Our guest speaker Ronny Pries will teach a creative approach towards music production by creating, experimenting, iterating and scrapping sounds. (Wednesday – Friday, pre-sign-up required)

The Demoscene Talks: In Stage-Shows we’ll show where the demoscene came from, how we work and how we party. With an exclusive look behind the scenes of renowned demogroups, video material and introductions to several European demoparties and a look at our history, from the Crackers to UNESCO world heritage. (Wednesday, Friday)

Cookie Collective (FR) will bring its legendary Cookie Party to Switzerland! On this day, you can experience friendly Live Shader Coding Jams, enjoy an art gallery at the projection screens showing shaders (including their code, of course!) and learn more in talks and showcases about the creation of Shaders. (Thursday)

Information and Tickets (evening tickets may be sold out quickly!)

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