DA-Z: Cancellation of Echtzeit presentations

Important update for the planned event by Echtzeit, Cookie Collective and SceneSat at DA-Z 2021: We regret to inform you that we, Echtzeit and the Cookie Collective, cannot present the Demoscene and Shader exhibition.

The festival administration was unfortunately unable to provide us with the necessary contractual and technical planning security. Due to this, we are unable to fulfill the technical and qualitative claim our scene is known and recognised for.

As a charitable association relying on volunteers, we are unable to do this claim justice with the provided means. We regret our cancellation and want to express that we wish everyone involved joy and success. Many international artists have spent weeks and months preparing their installations and deserve respect and an audience.

If you bought tickets for one of our cancelled items, we’d have to ask you to reach out to the organisers for reimbursement claims. Thank you for your understanding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case of questions.

We are hoping and are looking forward to seeing you next week at Demonights 015 in Bern, as well as MountainBytes in February.